Everyday Wanderer

Hello Loves,

This summer I have found myself living out of a bag.  My weekdays are spent traveling around the cities and my weekends are spent taking adventures up north.  The continuous packing gets to be a bit tedious but what I love about the beautiful state I live in (Minnesota), is that I seem to always find inspiration on these long drives.  The fields, forests, and lakes offer such a lovely background for my imagination.  Stopping the car and taking the time to discover these wonderful places turns my trip into a unique adventure .  These photos are from a drive through small sleepy towns and bright golden fields.  I hope everyone finds joy in the little things and places we experience everyday.

With Love And Light,



Hat: Anthropologie Dress: Free People


Collar Necklace: Free People Long Necklace: Tiffany Kunz


Solid Silver Ring: Tiffany Kunz Moon Midi Ring: Free People



Photos: Jacki V. Photography