Tipi Journey

Hello Loves, 

This past weekend I checked a wonderful experience off of my bucket list.  My best friend and I took a road trip to Blue Mounds State Park to spend a night in a tipi.  This adventure had been on my bucket list for the last two years.  Recently some events have taken place in my life that have taught me some very valuable lessons.  It is amazing what can happen when you realize that this life is truly yours to do with it what you please.  You have the control and the ability to make what you want out of this journey.  Do what makes you happy because in the end that is the most important thing.  Let no one hold you back or change your focus on what matters most to you.  So, with this new outlook on life, I decided to drag my best friend on a five hour road trip to ride out a thunderstorm in a tipi with me.  No more putting off the things that fill my heart with joy!

With Love And Light, 






Purse: Pendleton Bag: Freebird Collection Backpack: Taaluma Totes



Sunglasses: Free People Shorts: Reck&Roll Vintage


Tea: Byron Body Tea


Rings: Communion By Joy – Callirrhoe Jewelry – Karen London – Delirious Jewelry