Lavender Locks

Hello Loves,

Lately I have found myself acting just a little bit different. I have been dreaming up these grand plans and letting nothing stop me.  I am normally the type of person who over thinks every little detail of a plan.  I want to make sure it is perfect and worthwhile.  That is no longer the case.  Do not get me wrong, I still think about my actions greatly, but I am more confident in my decisions.  I have learned that every idea is worth exploring.  Sometimes impulsive actions have the most beautiful outcomes.  If a decision will make my heart happy and possibly cause others to feel the same, then I should go for it.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know that my hair is now lavender. YAY.  Dying my hair is something I have wanted to do for a longtime. After making a “lavender” board on my Pinterest, the decision was made.  I wanted lovely lavender locks.  I texted my hairstylist at one in the morning and just like that it was done.  I look at my new hair as a sort of symbol.  Take chances because life is short.  Be yourself.  Trust yourself.  Do what makes you happy.

With Love And Light,





Necklace & Rings- Spirits Run Free


Sweater- Urban Outfitters Dress- Free People


Jeans- Free People


Hat & Gloves- Upstate Stock


Sweater- Free People


Photos- Brandon Eckroth @brandoneckroth