Hello Loves,

I hope you are all having a beautiful holiday season.  Time spent with family and friends always warms my heart.  As the year comes to an end, I have spent time reflecting.  Looking back to the beginning of 2014 and thinking about my life, I was different.  Change is bound to happen.  I believe that a person grows and changes everyday.  However, looking back I had no idea the amount of growth that would take place this year.  I believe I have become truly happy with who I am and where life has taken me.  This past year I have surrounded myself with such positivity and light.  I have learned that the hard moments must be taken as opportunities to grow.  There is always a plan.  All one can do is live life to the fullest, run with your passions, and always be sure your heart is happy.

I had to fit in one last adventure before 2014 came to an end.  Road tripping with two individuals who have brought nothing but creativity to my life made for an amazing day.  Brandon, Kailey, and I packed our bags and headed to Wisconsin.  Exploring simply to find inspiration has become my favorite thing to do.  I hope you all have a lovely New Years and smile at where life has taken you this past year.

With Love And Light,



Backpack – Taaluma Totes




DSC_7546aIMG_8048DSC_7583aDSC_7552aIMG_8007Photos – @brandoneckroth @kaileyerdahl