Road Trip

Hello Loves,

If you follow me on social media you will know that I am currently in Florida.  I have decided to start off the new year exploring a new place.  Road tripping is my favorite way to travel.  Driving over twenty-four hours from Minnesota to Florida brought back many memories for me.  When I was younger my family would road trip to Florida to visit my grandparents.  While driving alongside the ocean I smiled while remembering a moment from one of those trips.  It was a memory of sitting in the backseat of the car, staring at the ocean, and thinking about where life would take me.  Where would I go to college, who would I be dating in a year, would I always be this happy?  It turns out life would put me in the exact same spot almost five years later.  The questions are a little different but my excitement for life and the future is still there.  Life is such a beautiful and funny thing.  It amazes me everyday where it will take you.  Smile at where you are and take each moment with an open heart.  I am sending you all love and warmth!

With Love And Light,


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