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Last weekend I found myself on the road with one of my new favorite travel companions, Truce juice.  Truce is Minnesota’s only 100% organic fresh-pressed juice shop.  I immediately fell in love.  Being on the road all the time, I will admit I have created some bad habits.  Normally I try to eat a well rounded meal and I stay away from fast-food.  However, now that I am traveling more, I find myself eating whatever is most convenient… and my body has been mad at me!  After spending the weekend nourishing my body with Truce and other healthier foods, I feel energized.  I am overall a much happier person.  The juices were easy to travel with and not once did I find myself stopping for a burger.  Yay!  Even if fresh-pressed juice is not your thing, I encourage you to think about making healthier choices when deciding what to put into your body.  Life can be busy.  Sometimes we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves.

With Love And Light,



Juice – Truce



Top – Free People Necklaces – Trust


Dress – Free People Jacket – Tumbling Dice Vintage


Pants – Anthropologie


Belt – Stitch & Hide

DSC_7454bPhotos @kaileyerdahl

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  1. March 31, 2015 / 10:55 pm

    So smart to travel with your juice! If you’re prepared with nutrition while you’re on the road it’s so much easier to resist the urge for something fast and (usually) not healthy or sustaining.