Clothe Your Neighbor

Hello Loves,

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with the amazing nonprofit clothing brand Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself.  This brand uses 100% of their profit to provide clothing to people in need.  I was asked by Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself to think of an injustice in our world and to share my hope for what could be in the future.  The first injustice that came to mind was intolerance.  I realize that people have opinions about specific topics for many different reasons.  I believe having people in the world that think differently from yourself is one of the things that makes this world such a beautiful place.  What I do not agree with is people putting others down for thinking differently.  Have an open mind.  Everyone has gone through things or believes in a certain way of being and that makes them who they are.   If you do not believe in someones’s way of living, focus on your own life and let them continue on with theirs.  It is the Golden Rule, treat your neighbor as you would want yourself to be treated.  I hope one day there is a world where we can all feel accepted.  Focus on your happiness and let others do the same.  Life is to short to be close-minded.  There are wonderful people to be met, experiences to be had, and moments to be shared in this world, but you will miss out if you do not open your mind.

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Tee – Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself





Photos – @brandoneckroth

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