Years Of Memories

Hello Loves,

Since beginning my Summer vacation, I have found myself spending a lot of time with childhood friends.  It has been wonderful.  I do not get to see these friends often.  We have all gone our separate ways and created new lives for ourselves outside of our hometown.  The beginning of Summer brings everyone back.  For a short while, we all have the opportunity to catchup and relive a bit of our childhood.  After not seeing someone for a few years, you would expect there to be distance.  I feel the exact opposite.  I believe there is something incredibly special about a friendship with someone you have grown up with.  You share years of memories.  You have been through good and bad together.  They know you for you.  I feel lucky to be able to visit home and to be surrounded with such wonderful people.  People I have shared such a large part of my life with.  It makes my heart incredibly happy.

With Love And Light,



Dress- Natural Life


Jewels- SBG Designs


Photos- @Kaileyerdahl_photo