Hello Loves,

Now that I am back from Colorado, it is time for me to show some local love.  Traveling has been beautiful, but I have realized that some of the most amazing people, spaces, and brands are right here at home.  Before I left for Colorado, I discovered an incredible company called Woodchuck.  Woodchuck is a company focused on bringing manufacturing back into America by creating real wood products right here in Minneapolis Minnesota.  I had the privilege of spending some time at the Woodchuck studio.  There, I got to experience first hand just how dedicated Woodchuck is to their mission.  I was able to watch, step by step, a beautiful piece of mahogany transform into my customized Woodchuck phone case.  The process was fascinating.  From the creative brainstorming to the small details that make Woodchuck products so unique, I loved every second of watching this team work.  I will however low key admit I was a bit distracted by Woodchuck’s adorable guard dog Angel while I was in the studio.  You can not bring me anywhere with a dog and expect me to stay focused.  My time spent with the Woodchuck team was lovely.  Woodchuck’s real wood products are beautiful, knowing that the products are one hundred percent created here at home, well that just makes them a must have.

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Top – Target


Jeans – Free People


Flask – WoodChuck



Photos/Video – @hecco.co