Summer Adventure Part 2

Hello Loves,

Megan and I drove the long and very straight road through Wyoming.  As Colorado became closer, we decided it might be a good time to figure out exactly what we were going to do while visiting this beautiful state.  Not a lot of planning was done before this trip.  Meg and I had almost two weeks blocked off from life, a list of activities we wanted to accomplish, and each other. That was about all the planning that had taken place and we would not have done it any other way.

After passing the Colorado state line, Meg and I knew this adventure was going to be one we would never forget.  Our first stop was Strawberry Park Hot Springs.  There, you can choose one of six different lodging options.  Naturally, we chose the covered wagon.  After settling in and exploring Steamboat Springs all day, Meg and I were excited to hop into the hot springs for a night swim.  That night we survived a storm in our little wagon.  It was one of the coziest things I have ever experienced.  I immediately fell in love with Colorado.


Back on the road, Meg and I decided to head for the mountains.  We drove through the most adorable towns, spent the day shopping little boutiques, and eating at restaurants that were tucked into the mountain sides.  Southwest Colorado officially became my new happy place.

As I said earlier, Meg and I did not plan much for this trip.  By the time we reached our campsite at Molas Lake Campground in the San Juan Mountains, it was pitch black outside.  Due to a change in altitude and losing our sunlight, the 100 degree weather quickly turned into a chilly forty-five degrees.  When we got to our campsite Meg and I threw on every article of clothing that we had brought.  We looked ridiculous.  As we set up our tent we had no idea where we were or what our surroundings looked like.  Somehow our tent was set up and we attempted to sleep.  The fact that I can now say I spent a night spooning my best friend for warmth while camping in the peaks of the Colorado Rockies, is one of my favorite things I took away from this adventure.


When Meg and I  stepped out of our tent in the morning we took one look at where we were and bursted out laughing.  Somehow we had managed to set our tent up two feet away from a huge lake that neither of us had noticed the night before.  Typical us.  After the tears stopped from laughing so hard, we both could not believe the beauty that surrounded us.  It was breathtaking to say the least.


Our first few days in Colorado were magical.

With Love And Light,