A Morning With Tobi

Hello Loves,

This morning was absolutely beautiful.  Normally, I am running around like crazy.  My day is filled with school, work, blogging, and a million other things.  This morning I woke up and I had the whole first half of my day to do whatever made my heart happy.  Naturally, I spent my morning getting ready in head-to-toe Tobi, one of my favorite brands.  After playing dress up, I spent a few hours doing my hair and makeup for absolutely no reason (the only time I like to do my hair and makeup).  I then ventured out for breakfast at my favorite little cakery/kitchen.  Even though it was a small break from the craziness of life, it was a beautiful one.  Take a walk, grab coffee from your favorite spot, no matter how small the act may be, doing something for the sole purpose of your own happiness is a lovely and much needed thing.

With Love And Light,









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