Hello Loves,

Last week I spent my spring break in the snow with two of my favorite local brands, DLH and Duluth Pack.  I packed my bags and hit the road for a place that has always made my heart happy, Duluth, Minnesota.  Duluth has been my weekend road trip destination for as long as I can remember.  Escaping the city and taking the two hour and sixteen minute drive north (like I said, I make this trip a lot) is almost meditative for me.  Watching the Minneapolis skyline turn into tall pines as I drive, reminds me that I am heading to a place where the stresses of my everyday life do not exist.  Duluth is my place to enjoy the outdoors and learn about myself in the process.  Camping, canoeing, hiking, taking in the shores of Lake Superior, all of these activities force me to focus on the present and forget about anything that might have been causing me stress before I made the trip.  I have so much love for Duluth and everything it has offered me.  I was thrilled to spend my spring break exploring with DLH and Duluth Pack.  These two brands celebrate the beauty their hometown offers and they create incredible products in the process.  As always, last week’s trip to Duluth was a beautiful one.

With Love And Light,




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