Frank Body Go Natural Challenge – Week 4

Hello Loves,

I am back to tell you about my last week of the Frank Body Go Natural Challenge. Let’s get started!

Week Four (Nighttime Detox)

This week I focused on my bedtime routine. I will admit, this was a challenge for me. I have formed the horrible habit of falling asleep surrounded by screens. Every night before bed, I normally check my phone, answer a few emails, edit photos, and then watch Netflix until I finally fall asleep. At no point do I focus on preparing my body for a good night’s sleep. This week, I focused on changing that.

My New Bedtime Routine
– Turn electronics off around 10:30pm (I am a night owl)
– Takeoff my makeup with my Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser
– Make one cup of Peach Sleepytime tea
– Light a few candles (I blow them out before falling asleep)
– Crawl into bed
– Read until I fall asleep

I love my new bedtime routine! Taking thirty minutes to focus on unwinding before falling asleep has not only helped me mentally, but physically too. I have been feeling less stressed, and I have more energy throughout the day.

If you are someone that falls asleep staring at a screen, I strongly encourage you to switch up your bedtime routine. I promise you will thank yourself for it!

Thank you for following along on my Go Natural journey!

With Love And Light,